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About Scar Revision

Scars are a very common cosmetic skin flaw that can be located on any area of the body. In some cases, a scar is a reminder of a wound that once existed or some other issue that created a disruption to the skin’s surface. While most scars are not a worry, certain scars are unsightly and unappealing. They may be too wide or too big, bumpy, dark, raised, or recessed. Depending on where the scar is located and its condition, scar revision surgery may be needed to improve its appearance. Our Las Vegas, NV team is pleased to offer scar revision surgery at Plastic Surgery Vegas, which is an aesthetic treatment that aims to decrease the size and improve the overall appearance of your scar.

Types of Scars

There are many types of scars. The type you have can dictate the possible surgeries to improve it. The most common scars we treat are:

  • Superficial Scars
    These are the subtlest type of scars. They do not cause any issue besides an unsightly appearance.
  • Keloid Scars
    These scars are bigger in size and can be painful. The skin surrounding the scar is typically discolored and extends past the borders of where the wound once existed.
  • Hypertrophic Scars
    A hypertrophic scar may also be large in size. They may become thicker and grow in time, but they do not usually grow past the original wound borders.
  • Contracture Scars
    This type of scar is considered more complicated as the scar develops across a greater section of the skin. A burn is one example of a contracture scar. In many cases, a contracture scar feels tight and also limits movement in some patients.

Is scar revision for you?

Men, women, and children who have a scar that is bothersome, unsightly, or causes insecurity and embarrassment may be good candidates for scar revision surgery. It's critical for potential patients at Plastic Surgery Vegas who get this surgery to be aware that although this treatment can improve the physical appearance of the scar and decrease its size, it will not be able to make it completely disappear. The type of procedure performed will be dependent on where the scar is located, the type of scar it is, and the size, shape, and depth.

Scar revision surgery

Scar revision surgery is usually performed in Plastic Surgery Vegas. We may use a local anesthetic or sedation, depending on the complexity of the case. For thick or bumpy scars, a shave excision can be done to level and even out the scar. Blemishes that are raised and larger may be decreased in size with an oval incision, which excises the scar and part of the skin and tissue around it. The skin is then re-sutured with a thin, clean line. For scars that were caused by improper healing, this can create a big improvement. Bigger scars or contracture scars will often need a tissue expansion or skin graft so that the original scar can be eliminated, allowing healthy skin and tissue to be sewn together. In some cases, it isn't the size or shape of the scar that is the issue but the texture or color. There are several state-of-the-art treatments with lasers that can improve the visibility and color of a scar, eliminating the need for surgery. 

What to Expect

After a scar revision surgery, wound care is an important component of the post-treatment process. Our team will provide detailed instructions to help you take care of your wound so that the new scar is lighter, smaller, and thinner. Once your treatment is complete, you will be free to return home and resume your usual activities, depending on the type of sedation used. In some cases, a short rest is needed or you may require a friend or family member to drive you home. 

Scar revision FAQS

Does scar revision eliminate the original scar?
No. However, these techniques will help to significantly diminish a scar's appearance to create a more natural and seamless aesthetic. It's also essential to follow all post-operative care instructions provided by our office very carefully to encourage optimal outcomes. 

Are there nonsurgical options for scar revision?
Yes. There are a variety of noninvasive options available that can help improve the appearance of an unsightly scar. Dermal fillers are commonly used to fill in concave scars, and other treatments, like laser skin resurfacing, can help with surface blemishes, like acne scars.

Can scar revision be combined with another procedure?
Yes. Many of our clients opt to incorporate another procedure with their scar revision to attain even more dramatic results. During your initial consultation, talk to our team about all of your cosmetic goals so we can help build a custom treatment plan for you. 

Improve Your Scar's Appearance

When you have an unsightly scar that troubles you, Plastic Surgery Vegas has numerous treatments to make it less noticeable. After examining the shape, size, type, and depth of your scar, a revision treatment plan will be developed to help decrease its appearance. Using surgical and nonsurgical procedures, our team will adjust the scar area and skin around it for a more natural and normal appearance. We invite you to call Plastic Surgery Vegas in Las Vegas, NV to schedule your scar assessment and consultation.

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