Breast Augmentation with Lift in Las Vegas, NV

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About Breast Augmentation With A Lift

Do I need a breast lift with my breast augmentation?
Implants change the size of your breasts but won’t elevate them or make them appear perkier. If your breast skin and tissue are stretched from weight gain or pregnancy, your breasts may sag to some degree. There are varying degrees of breast ptosis or sagginess, and this is measured by noting where the central point of your nipple is in relation to the crease where your breast meets your chest wall. During your consultation, your surgeon at Plastic Surgery Vegas in Las Vegas, NV will provide these measurements and discuss the possibility of combining a breast lift with your augmentation.

What Are The Benefits Of A Breast Augmentation with A Lift?

A breast augmentation with a lift procedure at Plastic Surgery Vegas can help you reimagine and remake your look with benefits that include:

  • Customizable for your unique needs
  • Lifts sagging and drooping breasts
  • Improves breast fullness and shape
  • Enhances or reduces breast size
  • Repositions and resizes the nipples
  • Achieves a perkier, more youthful look

How much does breast augmentation with a lift cost?
A surgical breast augmentation with a lift will be priced based on many factors, like whether your augmentation is performed with implants (silicone or saline) or a fat transfer. Also, some lift procedures have more complexity depending on the surgical case. During a thorough consultation, Dr. Edwards will develop a personalized surgical plan with costs estimates. Plastic Surgery Vegas accepts a number of payment forms and we can help you find low-interest financing.

Will a breast augmentation with a lift correct sagging?
A good reason to get a breast augmentation with a lift is that it increases the size of your breasts while also addressing sag by eliminating excess skin. The breast lift will also adjust your natural breast tissue so the results are perky and firm. This is crucial since adding volume to breasts with even moderate sagging can cause a less than ideal outcome if a breast lift isn't done to address the sag. If moderate to severe sagging is present, a lift should be performed and then a fat transfer or implants can be added. During your initial consultation with Dr. Edwards, he will understand your concerns and goals, before examining the condition of your breasts. After this, He can offer His recommendation on whether you need implants, a lift, or both.

How bad is the scarring?
Dr. Edwards performs surgical augmentation with a lift so all incisions are thin and small. He does His best to make incisions where they are easily concealed, like under the folds of the breast or on the areola border. With proper care, the scars from your breast surgery will eventually fade so they blend more with your normal skin. Dr. Edwards or a member of his team will talk to you about scar care tips you need to follow after your surgery to help your incisions heal correctly.

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