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What is a Fat Transfer?

If someone has weight fluctuations, they lose natural roundness and shape in certain body parts where volume once resided. One way to regain volume that has been lost is through a cosmetic treatment known as a fat transfer. This treatment removes fat from one or more areas on the body and transfers it into a specific place that could use additional volume. A fat transfer can be performed on large areas, such as the buttocks or breasts, or on delicate and smaller areas, such as the laugh lines, lips, cheeks, or hollows under the eyes. Autologous fat transfers are commonly chosen when a patient wants a natural enhancement versus using a device, such as an implant or a substance, such as a filler. Our Las Vegas, NV team is skilled at using the most advanced grafting techniques for performing fat transfers. This body contouring treatment at Plastic Surgery Vegas creates smooth and beautiful outcomes.

Is a fat transfer for me?

Individuals who wish to have more volume in specific places on the face or body that appear depleted of natural fullness may be appropriate candidates for the fat grafting (transfer) procedure. This procedure is even more desired because it offers an autologous way to produce results by incorporating the patient's own fat. This way, there is little concern for rejection. Men and women at Plastic Surgery Vegas considering this treatment must be at a certain weight and have fat to extract for the transfer.

Fat Transfer Surgery

During this procedure, you will be placed under some form of anesthesia. The type of anesthesia or numbing method will depend on how much fat tissue is being removed, including the location where it will be placed. A form of liposuction is performed first via a small, specialized cannula to delicately remove the fat where it will then be harvested and separated through a centrifuge (which prepares the healthy fat for syringes). After preparing the injection site, the healthy fat tissue will be added to the area of concern. This injection is completed in layers until the desired outcome has been attained. For some areas, multiple injections will be used and massaged layer by layer.

What to Expect

After the transfer process has been completed, you will go through a healing phase. Keep in mind, there are at least two sites on the body that need to be carefully treated: the extraction area and injection location. The recovery process may be longer if a larger place on the body was addressed. As an example, a fat transfer for lip enhancement will typically only require a 1 – 2-day recovery whereas a transfer to a more vast body part, such as the breasts or buttocks, can take much longer. The sites will appear swollen with some possible bruising, but the outcomes can be noticed almost immediately. An additional bonus is the area where liposuction was used will appear slimmer. This procedure yields lasting, awesome outcomes, but there will be some resorption back to the body. In some patients, a future transfer may be needed down the road. There is almost no scarring associated with this treatment.

Fat Transfer FAQS

Where can I have fat transferred?
A fat transfer can be performed almost anywhere on your face or body that you want to add volume. Some of the most popular areas are the butt (often known as a Brazilian butt lift), breasts, face, and hands. Fat grafting may be combined with breast reconstruction or augmentation with implants to fix irregularities. Volume loss caused by aging in the face and hands may also be improved with fat grafting, particularly to add shape to your lips or in the hollows under your eyes. Talk to our team during your consultation where you want to make improvements so we can create your custom fat transfer treatment plan.

How long will the results of a fat transfer last?
The results of a fat transfer look natural and can be long-lasting with proper care. We use advanced techniques to graft fat that minimize reabsorption. However, there is generally a certain amount of the transferred fat that doesn't graft to the new location so we often transfer a little more fat. If you would like to touch-up or enhance your appearance after a few years, another fat transfer may be discussed.

Are there any alternative treatments to a fat transfer?
Based on the area where you want to increase fat, you may have an alternative to a fat transfer. In your breasts or butt, an implant can be considered rather than a fat transfer. In your hand and face, Plastic Surgery Vegas offers many injectable dermal fillers for long-lasting volume and skin rejuvenation. We will explain all of your choices during your consultation so that you can have the results that meet your cosmetic goals.

What if I don't have enough fat for a transfer?
In your first appointment, we will discuss the amount of fat that is needed to meet your goals. You may not have enough excess fat to transfer; however, this is usually only a problem if you have a very low body fat percentage or you want a large volume of fat added to one area. Fat may be taken from multiple areas or combined with donor fat. We will discuss all of your options during this appointment.

Take the Natural Approach

If you wish to attain fuller lips or want to soften hollow areas or lines, this procedure may be a great option. Furthermore, a fat transfer works great for the buttocks or breasts. There are many choices for enhancement. This treatment can help you to achieve the look you wish for without pursuing an invasive surgery that could require a long recovery period or associated downtime. We invite you to get in touch with our front desk team to schedule your consultation at Plastic Surgery Vegas.

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