Labiaplasty in Las Vegas, NV

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What is Labiaplasty?

While it isn't discussed a lot, some women have concerns about the size and shape of their labia, which may make them feel less confident. Our team of specialists wants to help Las Vegas, NV women feel more attractive and comfortable with vaginal rejuvenation surgery to improve the shape and size of the labia. The labia (the external lips of the vaginal area) can look larger or have hanging skin due to genetics, pregnancy, childbirth, or physical trauma. A labiaplasty surgically reduces the size of the labia minora and/or majora for a more normal appearance. This may minimize irritation and discomfort while increasing sexual pleasure and confidence. Come in for a consult at Plastic Surgery Vegas in Las Vegas, NV to hear more about labiaplasty and find out if you are a candidate for the surgery. We also can incorporate other body contouring procedures in your treatment, such as SAFELipo.

What Are the Benefits of A Labiaplasty?

A personalized labiaplasty surgery in Las Vegas, NV at Plastic Surgery Vegas offers both functional and cosmetic perks for a woman's most intimate areas, including:

  • Positively changing the look of the vaginal region
  • Decreasing the size of a large labia
  • Boosting comfort
  • Lessening discomfort and/or irritation
  • Improving sexual pleasure
  • Enhancing well-being and cleanliness
  • Allowing you to wear more kinds of clothing
  • Elevating self-confidence and self-image

Is labiaplasty right for you?

A labiaplasty at Plastic Surgery Vegas may be beneficial for Las Vegas, NV women who are self-conscious about the shape or size of their vaginal area, which can be enlarged due to childbirth, genetics, or physical trauma. Abnormal vaginal lips may cause discomfort, pain, itching, or irritation when engaging in physical activities, like exercise and sex. Surgical vaginal rejuvenation may also help if you avoid wearing revealing clothing (like leggings, swimsuits, or tight pants) because of the size of your vaginal area. While labia surgery should not affect pregnancy, we advise that you wait until you are done childbearing to prevent undoing your results.

Female rejuvenation surgery

Many procedures for the labia can be completed in our on-site procedure room under local anesthesia so you may drive yourself to and from our office. If the procedure is more extensive, you may require to be put under general anesthesia at a nearby surgical facility so you will need a responsible friend or family member to drive you home following your surgery. We can discuss these options and time estimates at your consultation so you can make arrangements, if needed, before your procedure. A labiaplasty is most often done with the trim technique to remove excess tissue, then the remaining skin is stitched so it is taut. Also available is the wedge procedure that cuts away a pie-shaped area of skin and extra folds from the clitoris before suturing the tissue closed.

After Labiaplasty

You will need around one week to heal following your labiaplasty to allow discomfort and swelling to abate before returning to work. We recommend applying ice packs or cold compresses if needed to decrease inflammation. You should not use tampons or have sexual activity for 4 – 6 weeks following your surgery. Patients usually notice visible results in around six weeks with final results about six months following surgery. The results of vaginal rejuvenation are long-lasting; however, childbirth, natural aging, and weight fluctuations may impact results.

Labiaplasty FAQS

Should I choose a plastic surgeon or an OB/GYN?
As you research vaginal rejuvenation surgery, you will discover that many OB/GYNs (obstetricians and gynecologists) offer labiaplasty. Although most OB/GYNs can perform labia rejuvenation, they may not be your best choice. An OB/GYN will be able to remove excess skin from your labia; however, a plastic surgeon will consider other aspects as well. This ensures scarring is minimal and that the final color, symmetry, and contour all look and feel natural.

Will vaginal rejuvenation surgery cause insensitivity?
Like most surgeries, you may have some numbness in the treated area for a while. This should dissipate as the skin and tissue recover. For those concerned about sexual sensitivity, it's important to understand that a labiaplasty corrects the vaginal lips and will not affect the clitoris. A skilled plastic surgeon with many years of experience in labiaplasties will work around the clitoris so that a loss of sensitivity does not occur.

What is the recovery process like after a labiaplasty?
Before your surgery, we will explain what you can expect after your labiaplasty, as well as tips to speed your recovery. You could have some swelling and bruising in your vaginal area along with a certain amount of discomfort right after your surgery. You should plan to rest for at least a week before returning to light activities. We will evaluate your progress during your check-up appointments and let you know when you can resume sexual activity and exercise.

Comfortable and Confident

Every woman's body is different, and a lot of elements may play into the appearance of your outer labia. If you don't feel comfortable or confident because of the size and shape of your labia, learn more about labiaplasty. Talk to our team about your needs and goals so we can create your unique plan for vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Schedule a consultation at Plastic Surgery Vegas in Las Vegas, NV to hear more about vaginal rejuvenation with labiaplasty.

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