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With teenage plastic surgery on the rise, Dr. Michael Edwards of Anson, Edwards & Higgins Plastic Surgery Associates located in Las Vegas, NV continues to stand behind his beliefs that performing elective cosmetic surgery on underage patients is unethical. If a 16 year old came to Dr. Edwards at his Las Vegas practice wanting breast implants, he would tell her to wait. The FDA and Plastic Surgery Society advise all surgeons do the same. Someone too young may not be able to comprehend the importance of a lifelong decision.


Michael Edwards: Teenage girls aren't just getting new cars for graduation, but new breasts. The number of girls under 18 getting breast implants has climbed steadily. Up 24% in a single year. But despite the jump in numbers, one local surgeon says most teens simply aren't ready.

Speaker 2: It's against the rules and it's against my ethical standards as well.

Michael Edwards: Dr. Michael Edwards stands behind his beliefs despite what some other doctors are doing here in town and across the country. Breast augmentation surgery is surging her in the US, but if a 16-year-old comes to him simply wanting bigger breasts, he'll tell her to wait, and both the FDA and Plastic Surgery Societies advise surgeons to do the same.

Speaker 2: A 16-year-old is just not mature enough to understand the ramifications of... it's not just so you can fill your bathing suit out better. It's something that you are doing to your body that's going to last you the rest of your life. I mean, it's a surgery.

Michael Edwards: Plus, the teen may not be fully developed. Edwards has turned away several potential patients because they were simply too young or wanted it done for the wrong reasons. He says the hard part is knowing they'll still probably get the surgery, but with some other doctor.

Speaker 2: They need to look at the credentials of the person who they're seeing because if anyone looks hard enough, they can find someone that will do the surgery for them.

Michael Edwards: The surgeon has done breast reductions and nose jobs on teens under 18 and says the key is making sure they're emotionally and physically mature enough to undergo the procedure. Edwards says celebrities like Britney Spears and reality shows have added fuel to the plastic surgery fire, and Debbie Jet couldn't agree more.

Debbie Jet: It seems to be even 36-24-36 is not good enough anymore.

Michael Edwards: The therapist says healthy, normal young teens who push to get surgery that isn't necessary are lacking self esteem, and points out that what parents say can make all the difference.

Debbie Jet: You don't emphasize about, "You're beautiful because of this." Or, "You're beautiful because of that." You're beautiful because of the inside.

Michael Edwards: Dr. Edwards says as with any surgery, there is always a risk of complications, but adds that the risks of plastic surgery are the same whether the patient is 18 years old or in their 30s. In the studio, Erica Chao, WB Las Vegas News at 10.