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Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Goesel Anson and Dr. Terrence Higgins of Anson, Edwards & Higgins Plastic Surgery Associates located in Las Vegas, NV separate hype from reality when it comes to plastic surgery on The Morning Blend. Within their diverse practice each doctor has the ability to focus on their specific expertise. Dr. Anson focuses on the facial aesthetics including facelift and BOTOX® Cosmetic while Dr. Higgins focuses on body and breast contouring such as breast augmentation and liposuction. Their full service practice offers esthetician services including microdermabrasion and chemical peels as well as a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Alison Tam, who specializes in laser skin rejuvenation treatments and hair transplant. Both doctors agree that skincare is important. They recommend that you see an esthetician periodically for guidance. The two have even taken the time to develop their own skincare line, developed by a chemist to ensure positive results, to offer their patients.


Shawn Tempesta: Question and how come you get to read this and I read that? Rejuvenate your skin. These products on display. It's a beautiful day. Plus we go behind-

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Dao Vu: Welcome back to the blend. Many celebrities are going under the knife to perfect their look. You may feel the pressure to do the same, but with all the hype surrounding plastic surgery, lasers and cosmetics, we're looking for answers this morning, and our next guests are here to separate the hype from reality. Dr Jazelle Anson and Dr. Terry Higgins are here with Morning. Good morning to both of you and welcome.

Dr. Anson: Good morning.

Dr. Higgins: Morning.

Dao Vu: Can you tell us a little bit about your practice?

Dr. Anson: Well, we have rather an unusual practice in that we're partners. That is a little bit uncommon in plastic surgery, but what it allows us to do is develop an expertise in particular areas. Terry does breast and body contouring and I now focus just on facial aesthetics, so it's nice to be able to just do that.

Dao Vu: It's an integrated approach at your practice.

Dr. Anson: Exactly.

Dao Vu: Tell us about that a little bit.

Dr. Higgins: It's, it's more than integrated. We actually, it's the two of us, which you mentioned already. We also have three full time estheticians. We have nurses, medical assistants, but we also more importantly have a board certified dermatologist, which we brought on board of a few years back now, Dr. Alison Tam, and she specializes and brings a focus of her expertise on laser skin resurfacing treatments as well as hair transplant therapy to our practice.

Dao Vu: And that's a big thing right now also, and you know, it's not just the men that are losing their hair, it's the women as well. Can you help both sexes?

Dr. Anson: The hair transplant is amazing. Dr Tam does a really a beautiful job. It's not like the old days where you can see it from across the room. Now with the single follicle graphs, you really can get a beautiful result, and people always think of it as a male thing, and you're right. Women, it's not... It gets no attention. And it's a huge problem among women. She's got some great results...

Dao Vu: Because women, you can see have thinning hair, just young men too. So there's a big concern for both people-

Dr. Anson: And who wants to wear a wig forever?

Dao Vu: Yeah. And let's go ahead and talk about the training and your staff a little bit.

Dr. Anson: We have a great staff. We have, we've sort of evolved over the years. We now have three full-time medical estheticians who do nothing but medical skincare. We have two clinical coordinators. We have a really great staff cause our goal really isn't to do a single surgical procedure for patients. Our goal is to establish a relationship so that this is a lifelong, you know, relationship, not just a single procedure.

Dao Vu: That's another point.

Dr. Higgins: Yeah. We're not interested in selling any one thing in particular. We want to bring the patient in, and we talk about that integrated, coordinated care, and that's part of it because we can be in the office on the same day, myself, Dr. Anson, and Dr. Tan, and a patient may come for one of the consultations just see one of us. But there are concerns, when they come in, are broad and cover all of our areas of expertise. So that that same patient may see all three of us in the same office day because we make our office stays the same so that we're available for that. So you may get the three experts at the same time, at the same office visits, which is highly unique.

Dao Vu: Yeah. And people are so busy. They like that it's just easy. You get in and then you're done. So-

Dr. Anson: Then with each area of expertise, I mean no one can be an expert at everything-

Dao Vu: Exactly.

Dr. Anson: And this way we can each do, you know, provide state of the art with our areas-

Dao Vu: Specialty.

Dr. Higgins: And then the three three of us can put together a comprehensive plan. It's not just, yeah, cut and paste, but it's a unified comprehensive plan because that's what most people need nowadays because it's not just one or the other. Usually it's both and combined.

Dr. Anson: Yes. Cause people start these days with skincare, and then they move on to the noninvasive things like Botox, fillers, things like that, laser treatments. And then molt and move on to surgery.

Dr. Higgins: And I'll toot our own horn. She's mentioned Botox and fillers sort of casually, but our practice has been recognized as the top 1% in the nation as far as the amount of Botox and facial filler that we actually do and perform. So-

Dr. Anson: We do a lot. We do a lot.

Dao Vu: Yeah, it's your expertise. You know what you're doing, and you've done it plenty of times, so there's no worries. And speaking of skin care, you brought some things in... Let's talk about what this is, and it's just like your car. You got to take care of your face.

Dr. Anson: Absolutely.

Dao Vu: And your body-

Dr. Anson: The most important thing anybody can do is skincare. It's a basic thing, whether you're 20 or whether you're 80, it's cheap, it's easy, it's effective. So when I say skincare, I mean seeing a medical aesthetician or an aesthetician periodically for guidance on what products to use and periodic exfoliation, periodic treatments. And the products are important. They're slow acting, but they're very important. Easy.

Dr. Higgins: So we, we spent some time developing our own skin care line out of frustration of what was currently available and the expense of medical lines that were available. You can go into Sephora or Nordstrom's or CVS or even Walmart and look at the myriad of products and most people have no idea of how to use those products and what components are the effective components, and most things over the counter that aren't medical grade. The active ingredients are such a small amount that they don't actually do what they're supposed to do-

Dao Vu: And it can be so confusing for the average person. They don't know what they need and they're buying things they don't need.

Dr. Anson: Right. The way... You can waste a lot of money doing that, it really can. Instead of having a targeted approach, it's... The advantage of having our own skincare line is we can really... We know the concentration on the products, we know what the active ingredients are. I mean, everyone should be on a retinol. Everybody should be on a topical antioxidant that we know actually penetrates the skin.

Dao Vu: That works.

Dr. Anson: Really the active peptides, sunscreen, those are all basic, and so he mentioned on frustration with this, and then you know, now that we're getting into it, and there's so many cool new products out there, we've been working on some, some new things that should be out in the next year or so.

Dr. Higgins: We just met with our chemists last month, and we're mostly working on some new product line that's developing basic cell activators, and everyone's heard about stem cells and kind of what they can do, but what they can do on the skin is pretty amazing. And so we've got a new skin care line that we're developing currently based on viable cell activators to reverse the signs of aging.

Dao Vu: And very quickly we have some before and after pictures we want to show people. So let's go ahead and take a look at this. Tell us what we're seeing here.

Dr. Anson: Okay. This is a patient who had already had a little bit of filler. This is before and after front view of a facelift. I would surgery a neck, you know, that includes the neck, and I think we did fat injection.

Dao Vu: Yeah. Her after shot looks really beautiful and she still looks like herself instead of overly done-

Dr. Higgins: Soft.

Dr. Anson: You can see, right, the natural result is super important. Our patients are much more sophisticated these days. Do you have a side view?

Dao Vu: We're... Let's go ahead and see if we can take a look really quickly and then we have to go, but tell us really quickly about this.

Dr. Higgins: Well, before I start talking about myself and just talk about Dr. Anson for a second, there's only a handful of physicians in the U. S. that specialize solely in face. There's only a handful, and she's one of those physicians, and it's a credit to her and it's a credit to her patients coming to her because it's made her a nationally recognized leader in that.

Dr. Higgins: Getting into these photos. This is a a mommy makeover type stuff. Typical tummy tuck type things that we see, which has extra skin loose muscles.

Dr. Higgins: This is a typical male patient, which we don't always think about, but male patients for tummy tuck and liposuction, and the results can be fairly impressive, as you can see from doing those two procedures together-

Dao Vu: Big changes-

Dr. Anson: Natural results.

Dao Vu: Yes.

Dr. Anson: Best. That's key. That's really-

Dao Vu: Thank you so much. We've run out of time, and we appreciate it so much.

Dr. Higgins: No worries.

Dao Vu: Again, for more information on the Anson and Higgins Plastic Surgery Associates, they are located on Sunset Road. They offer complementary consultations. Either call or visit the number that you see right there on your screen. We will be right back.