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More and more men are taking an interest in their appearance and Anson, Edwards & Higgins Plastic Surgery Associates located in Las Vegas, NV, offer just what is needed to help both men and women look and feel their best. Daily use of an antioxidant, SPF, and retinol is exactly what board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Goesel Anson recommends to maintain the health of your skin. If the damage has already been done, the treatments featured in this video can help bring it back to a healthier state.


Beth Fisher: All right, we're going to have a little bit of fun with Health Line 3 today, because when we look good we feel good. Right? Well, it's something women talk about all the time, how to keep our skin looking younger, longer.

Beth Fisher: But now more men are taking an interest in their appearance, including our own John Fredericks. Years of playing golf in a hot sun have aged John, and in today's how Health Line 3, even Jordan agrees it's time for dad to get a makeover.

Dawn Ward: John had no idea what we were going to do to him when he came in here. We just said, "You're going along for the ride."

Beth Fisher: John's treatments alternate every week between a photofacial, which you'll see later. And this microdermabrasion, which takes the dead skin off.

Dawn Ward: It really causes the photofacial itself to do a better job by exfoliating those top skin cells. And then it allows the photofacial to get down a little bit deeper.

Beth Fisher: John's problem? Red, blotchy skin, broken capillaries and brown spots from years in the sun.

John Fredericks: Every once in a while, I'll pull up a tape from when I first got here to now, and the different is just, I mean it's scary.

Beth Fisher: The microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliate that Dawn says leaves the skin looking more hydrated and healthy.

John Fredericks: Yeah, I can feel a little tingling, I guess just like a little sandblasting effect thing, but what I feel more is it's almost like a little tiny, mini-vacuum cleaner.

Beth Fisher: Dr. Goesel Anson is the Las Vegas plastic surgeon overseeing John's care. She says treatments like this one should be a regular part of your plan to ward off aging.

Dr. G. Anson: Through microdermabrasion or light glycolic peels, using good products, a Retinol or Retin-A, and a good topical vitamin C. If you do those things and wear sunblock, you will do very well.

Beth Fisher: But the micro dermabrasion won't take care of the red and brown spots on John's face. That's a job for the photofacial.

John Fredericks: Be sure you tune in today at News 3 at noon, and see the difference.

Beth Fisher: You'll see the photofacial tomorrow. John alternates between the microdermabrasion and the photofacial every week, and tomorrow on News 3, you'll see how the photofacial works, why John says it smarts a little bit, and find out just how many men are lining up for the procedure.

Beth Fisher: Yesterday on News 3 we told you about more men taking an interest in their appearance, and we showed you how our own John Fredericks is getting help for the brown and red blotches the sun is left on his cheeks. Well yesterday you saw how the microdermabrasion helped prepare John's skin for the photofacial. And in today's Health Line 3, see how the photofacial treatment could actually erase years of sun damage.

Beth Fisher: We talked to John one week after his microdermabrasion for his photofacial. It's an intense pulse of light that feels like a rubber band snapping on your face.

John Fredericks: This is the most sensitive area. Anywhere I shave, is pretty sensitive.

Beth Fisher: But John thinks the irritation will be worth it.

Seonaid C.: I always kind of try to give people realistic expectations as to what results they're going to do. I think it works very well on sun damaged skin. I think it works really well on rosacea. Hyperpigmentation, it evens that out.

Beth Fisher: But photofacial is not a miracle.

Dr. G. Anson: Photofacial I think is very effective for sun damage. That's all it does. It's not going to make wrinkles go away, despite what you might hear. It does, it improves broken blood vessels from sun damage, rosacea, brown spots from sun damage, pore size. I think it's very effective for those things.

Beth Fisher: Dr. Goesel Anson is one of the most respected cosmetic surgeons in Nevada.

Beth Fisher: What is the miracle right now in your field?

Dr. G. Anson: There is no such thing. There is simply no such thing. Everything has a pro and a con. It's unrealistic to think that there's ever going to be anything that is perfect, although Botox comes pretty close.

Beth Fisher: Dr. Anson is overseeing Jon's treatments, and more male patients every day.

Dr. G. Anson: I think with men, they have the added burden of feeling that they have to stay young for their business. To stay in the game, they have to compete with younger people, and they want to stay looking young as they probably are fit.

Beth Fisher: Men now make up about 25% of her business, small procedures like the photofacial.

John Fredericks: I actually have had people comment. I think a lot of times it's something that's so subtle, that unless you were living with a person day to day, you probably wouldn't notice. But I hope they do.

Beth Fisher: And we have. Kendall was just saying he saw John Fredericks in the news room today and noticed a significant difference in his skin.

Beth Fisher: One side effect of the photofacial that was that it slows down hair growth. So men, if you want to grow a mustache or a beard, you would want to avoid the photofacial just in those areas. The combination treatment John is on runs 12 weeks at a cost of about $2000. So the big question is: what can you do for less?

Beth Fisher: First, stay out of the sun. Don't smoke. Use good skin products with Retinol or Retin-A. Use a good topical vitamin C on your skin. And occasionally, Dr. Anson recommends you have the microdermabrasion or a light glycolic peel just to get rid of that old, dry skin. Dr. Anson said small, simple maintenance when you're young, will keep you from ever needing major cosmetic surgery as you get older.