Las Vegas, NV | Frank Marino Gets Candid About Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas | Plastic Surgery Vegas

TV legend and female impersonator, Frank Marino gets candid about his facelift with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Goesel Anson from Anson, Edwards & Higgins Plastic Surgery Associates in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Anson describes Marino as a tough patient due to his conflicting desires to look feminine while still maintaining his masculinity.


Trisha: Well, he's known as the longest running headliner on the Las Vegas strip.

Steve: Now female impersonator and comedian Frank Marino is ready for a change and shared his story with Action News reporter Megan Telles. Megan...

Megan Telles: Yes, Steve and Trisha we're used to seeing Frank Marino on our midday show to recap all things dancing with the stars, but he had a major procedure done this week and he took me behind the scenes to explain why. Take a look.

Megan Telles: It's not easy being Frank Marino, a man by day.

Frank Marino: Is everybody having a good time so far?

Megan Telles: Drag queen by night. Declaring Joan Rivers as his diva alter ego 30 years ago. Marino ditched those glittery gowns for a surgical gown this week when he got a facelift. And it's not his first cosmetic surgery.

Megan Telles: How many plastic surgeries have you done?

Frank Marino: I would say I've had 15 plastic surgeries. I know I did my chin four times because I wasn't happy with it.

Megan Telles: Then there's his nose.

Frank Marino: I had my nose done like three times.

Megan Telles: He also admits perfection is his addiction. His first surgery at the age of 16.

Frank Marino: So when I realized I could take care of a problem like that, it becomes addicting. I'm not going to lie. It's not for everyone. I'm not recommending it to anyone.

Megan Telles: Cosmetic surgery he says is his way of keeping up with the Joneses or in his glamorous world, the divas.

Frank Marino: I go on stage every night and I have Brittany Spears, and I have Katie Perry, and I have Pink. And we're taking pictures and these kids like yourself are in their twenties. I just turned 50. I don't have to compete with them, but I want to be able to look good for me the way they look good for themselves.

Megan Telles: After years of research, Marino selected two doctors for what could be his final surgery.

Goesel Anson: He's a tough patient because he dresses as a woman during the show. He has two conflicting desires. One is to look feminine and the other is to maintain his masculinity.

Megan Telles: Dr. Anson, perfecting his eyelids, lifting his face. Dr Glyman redefining his angles.

Mark Glyman: What I have to do is be able to put these implants in, secure them so they don't move, so that it gives them definition to his jaw line.

Frank Marino: It's like Russian roulette. You don't want to do it but you live. It's a high when you finally come out of it.

Megan Telles: And there he was. Frank survived. That was him you just saw being wheeled out of surgery on Monday, and I just got off the phone with him. He's doing really well. Really swollen in the jaw and facial area. He said if his brothers and sisters thought he had a big head before. Well there's proof now, right? Frank promises to share before and after photos and video with all of us. So stay tuned. Right? Trisha, Steve back to you guys.

Trisha: Megan, thank you. He looked great anyway but I cannot believe he's 50.

Steve: Yeah.

Trisha: That's what cosmetic surgery will do for you.

Steve: You know he's... Good for him for putting that out there and let everybody share it because we all.

Trisha: Be open.

Steve: You know everybody around here knows who he is.

Trisha: And he's got two great doctors too here in the Valley.

Steve: Yeah. Well-