Las Vegas, NV | Frank Marino Discusses His Latest Facial Plastic Surgery Experience

After receiving a face and neck lift as well as laser treatments over and under his eyes at Anson, Edwards & Higgins Plastic Surgery Associates in Las Vegas, NV, Frank Marino is happy with the refreshed man he sees in the mirror.


Speaker 1:... to a story you'll only see on Action News, and a story that could only happen in Las Vegas.

Megan: Oh yeah. Frank Marino, Las Vegas' longest-running headliner, invited me into his home this week, post-plastic surgery. Check it out.

Frank Marino: Hi Megan. I'm back.

Megan: Six weeks out of commission. There wasn't a surgery out there that could nip and tuck away Frank Marino's vivacious spirit.

Megan: So, you're back. It's been six weeks since you hit the stage for the first time. How do you feel in this moment?

Frank Marino: I'm a little bit fearful. I gained, like, three pounds, so I wonder if I'll still fit in the outfits.

Megan: Naturally, he jokes, but is humbled he survived surgery after jaw impalnts, laser under and over his eyes, a face and neck lift...

Frank Marino: I got exactly what I wanted, to look a little bit rested.

Megan: Marino, refreshed and satisfied with the man in the mirror.

Frank Marino: I don't look in the mirror and go, "Oh, I love the way you look." No, not at all. But I had some lines on my jaw, that's why I had the jaw implant that I didn't like. It had a cottage cheese look, and you see it more and you'll see it later when I put on the makeup. When I put on the makeup, I want it to be smooth.

Megan: Anxious for a smooth transformation back into his Joan Rivers alter ego.

Frank Marino: Here we go. First day back to work.

Megan: We were off to The Quad, home of his show Divas Las Vegas. We follow him to the makeup room, new heels, new dress, jewelry...

Frank Marino:... the first time I'm doing the whole process since the operation.

Megan: What kind of reaction do you hope you'll get from your cast members, from your audience tonight?

Frank Marino: "We're so excited to see you. We're glad to have you back." Things like that. I hope the audience is excited to see me, as well.

Speaker 4: Frank Marino.

Megan: And just like that, never skipping a beat, Frank Marino is back.

Frank Marino: Hello. Can we all be... Can we be real loud?

Megan: Wow. It was so compelling, walking through Frank's nightly grind from his house to the stage. While it looks glamorous, there were a ton of deadlines he has to meet, decisions he has to make every night before the show. This surgery has boosted Marino's confidence. Face refreshed, he's ready to refresh his show.

Megan: Marino gave me this tip. He's on a hunt for a Miley Cyrus female impersonator next to add to his cast and he says oh yeah he always has to keep it current.

Speaker 1: Frank has a big enough personality that he might be able to get Miley to do that herself.

Megan: Right, yeah. Joan Rivers may be a thing of the past.

Speaker 1: Thanks Megan. Thank you, Frank, for allowing you into his home.

Megan: Oh, yeah. Beautiful home.

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