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After a 14 year hiatus the FDA reapproved silicone breast implants for cosmetic use. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Edwards of Anson, Edwards & Higgins Plastic Surgery Associates explains what makes them safer now than 14 years ago. From the thicker shell to the new gel form – these updated silicone implants are a safer choice.


Speaker 1: After a 14 year hiatus, the Food and Drug Administration reapproved silicone breast implants for cosmetic use. But what makes them safer now than they were a decade ago? Channel 13 Action News reporter Claudine Chalfant spoke with a plastic surgeon to try and find out the answer.

Dr. Edwards: The shell was thinner, and-

Claudine C.: That's just one difference between the old silicone implants and the new design approved by the FDA today.

Dr. Edwards: In my opinion, a victory for all women. Now they have the ability to make a choice.

Claudine C.: The choice, either saline or silicone. The new silicone implant not only has a thicker shell, but the silicone is in a gel form, not a liquid, as in years passed. 14 years ago, the products were banned because they leaked, and women claimed that they caused health complications. So, will they cause problems again?

Dr. Edwards: I mean, the FDA wouldn't approve them if they felt like there was a correlation. So, I can't say that women didn't have symptoms, I don't ever want to say that, but based upon the science, which is really what we have to go by, the implants were not shown to have any true risks.

Claudine C.: One of several stipulations under the FDA's approval is to keep an eye on patients for years to come.

Dr. Edwards: Every patient that I see that has silicone implants, they're data is collected, and I want to see them at least every year.

Claudine C.: Dr. Edwards says that he actually prefers the silicone over the saline.

Claudine C.: Can you tell the difference? The one in my left hand, this is the saline solution implant, the one in my right hand, the silicone implant. And you can see on the top here, there's an indentation. Dr. Edwards says that's actually what makes the silicone implant look more natural.

Claudine C.: No matter the look, as far as peace of mind is concerned, women now have the option of choosing what's best for them. Claudine Chalfant, Channel 13 Action News.