Duo Surgery

We are proud to offer our patients the option of duo surgeries

Compared to a solo surgeon, our surgeons are able to perform multiple surgeries together, reducing time under anesthesia.

Can I have multiple cosmetic surgical procedures done at the same time?

If you are in good health, combining multiple procedures may be an option for you. Please consult with our surgeons to determine if this is appropriate for you.

What types of surgeries are most commonly combined?

Commonly combined procedures are those on separate areas of the body:

  • Facial & Breast procedures
  • Breast & Body procedures
  • Facial & Body procedures

The surgical plan is customized for each patient!


"Dr.Higgins and his staff are the kindest people I've ever meet. I had a concern and Laura made time in her busy schedule to see me and help put me at ease. When I was getting ready for surgery Dr. Higgins help put me at ease just by letting me know he cared and he wasn't going to let anything happen to me. I can't say enough about all the amazing people who work and run this office.. Thank you all."



"Dr Michael Edwards was the best doc I could have asked for!! I traveled all the way from Honolulu Hawaii to have my surgery done in Las Vegas!! Great bed side manners and after care with his staff was nothing short but AMAZING!!! I highly recommend him!! Aloha and thanks again for such a awesome job!!!"



"Nurses Stephanie and Jaqueline are so nice and helpful. They answered questions and took care of all our concerns. Each Post visit was always a pleasure.Dr Edwards is the best Dr I have ever worked with. He is very comforting, professional, encouraging and honest. My consultation was matter of fact and making no promises on the reconstruction of my breasts. I wanted to downsize and he told me straight what was best for my situation. I knew there would be scars and had so much reservation about that part mostly, and they all reassured me on my fears. They were great, my outcome is fantastic. There was some pre op prep insisted for me to do and I believe it made my recovery much better. I had very little pain after surgery day and was able to rest. I actually had a hard time keeping myself in healing mode as I felt so great a few days after. My husband and I are thrilled with the results and I am only 2 months into the healing process.I would recommend Dr. Edwards to everyone/anyone who is looking to improve their self image and physical apearance.Thankful and forever a fan."



"this is the most professional, incredible staff from the joyful smiles and reassuring positive energy beginning with the front desk. allie and melissa are so welcoming and warm. not clinical or cold, like i might have expected. dr. terry higgins is beyond amazing. i went in for a free consultation and he is so down to earth and friendly. i felt like i made a great friend immediately. along with his amazingly comforting bedside manner, he is highly knowledgeable and explains everything from a-z. never gets mad no matter how many questions i asked (some repeatedly). not at all what i expected. i had major liposuction for my first surgery. then later a necklift, then an abdominoplasty, and then cheek and chin implants. i look amazing and not facelifted. im only 44, but everyone i know cannot believe the difference in my appearance. even though it sounds like alot to have done, his talented and artistic hands allow you to come out refreshed and looking younger, but NOT worked on by a plastic surgeon. i tell everyone who asks about all of my procedures. i am proud of what he has done to me and can't sing his praises enough. in fact, my mom flew out from pittsburgh, PA to have his amazing hands work on her, and she is just as thrilled with her results. i could go on forever. but the accolades he receives are modest at best compared to his real work. in one word...UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! and so kind. i must also mention his assistant, laura. and his surgical asst. jackie. these women are beyond fabulous as well. you leave the place with such a warm and confident feeling due to the synergistic effect of all involved. i must also make special mention of allie. she was his assistant when i had my first surgery. of course, being nervous, i asked a million questions. she answered every one of them with such a positive and re-assuring attitude that made it a no brainer to go forward with the surgery. she and dr. higgins took away all of my reservations and eased my mind with their comforting demeanor. from that point on, i trusted everything they said and it paid off tremendously. i will NEVER let anyone except dr. higgins touch my face and body. please take it from a neurotic ocd patient, if you have any reservations, just go and meet them. you, no doubt, will have the same opinion and wonderful outcome as i did. i promise you. there is no better than dr. terry higgins and all of his partners and associates!"



"Years ago, I first went to Dr Anson for help with my daughter, who had suffered through terrible head & face injuries. 2 previous surgeons told us there was little room for improvement because of massive scar tissue. Dr Anson examined my daughter, said not a huge challenge, then proceeded to repair the damage. My daughter is beautiful, again! I am now in my 60s & a tiny bit regretful about aging. Dr Anson has suggested surgical options and alternatives to surgery. She has even told me “no” when I was eager to try something she felt was too early for me. I’m still in love with my recent necklift! Back at work w no visible bruising in 2 weeks. So, to sum it up, I believe Dr G Anson is the best plastic surgeon in Nevada; possibly in the Southwest. She is pleasant & professional, always willing to answer a question. A wonderful person & professional!"



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