Will Pregnancy Ruin My Tummy Tuck Results?

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Cosmetic surgery has helped countless women restore their pre-pregnancy bodies and achieve a flatter, firmer stomach. However, many people wonder if events like pregnancy will undo their tummy tuck results.

At Plastic Surgery Vegas, we advise women to wait until they are finished having children before pursuing body contouring. The good news is that Dr. Terrence "Terry" Higgins and Dr. Andrew G. Silver have options to address changes that may occur due to pregnancy in the future. Call now for a consultation and learn how our professionals help maintain your desired body shape in Las Vegas, NV.

How does a tummy tuck work?

A tummy tuck is designed for people with excess skin and fat pockets around the abdomen. It is ideal for women who have gone through pregnancy and are left with loose skin and a protruding belly. Those who have undergone extreme weight loss can also benefit from the procedure.

During a tummy tuck, Dr. Higgins and Dr. Silver make incisions along the lower abdomen. They remove excess skin and fat, tighten the muscles, and reposition the remaining tissue for a smoother appearance. The incisions are carefully closed with sutures to minimize scarring. Once healed, patients have a defined waistline that would have been difficult to achieve through diet and exercise alone.

What about future pregnancies?

While a tummy tuck does provide long-lasting results, pregnancy after cosmetic surgery may cause changes to the body. As the abdomen expands, it can stretch out the newly tightened muscles and skin. This does not mean that your results will be undone — the effects will vary depending on factors like age, skin elasticity, and the amount of weight gained.

Dr. Higgins and Dr. Silver believe that everyone should have the opportunity to feel confident in their skin. This is why we offer revisions for women who have had a tummy tuck and then become pregnant again. We can also suggest additional body contouring procedures in Las Vegas, NV, such as liposuction or a mini tummy tuck.

Keep in mind that patients should ideally wait 6 – 12 months after giving birth before considering any revisions with our team. This allows your body to heal and for the abdomen to return to a stable state. Our surgeons can then evaluate your case and provide personalized recommendations.

Maintaining results after a tummy tuck

Want to keep your tummy tuck results looking great for years to come? There are many ways to maintain your new figure after surgery:

  • Stay active: Regular exercise helps you maintain a consistent weight after a tummy tuck. Consider incorporating core-strengthening workouts into your routine to keep the abdominal muscles toned.
  • Maintain a balanced diet: Certain foods and drinks, like sugar and alcohol, cause weight gain and bloating. Stick to a balanced diet with a blend of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.
  • Invest in good skin care: Our skin naturally loses elasticity as we age, which can affect the appearance of the abdominal area. Investing in good skin care products can keep your skin firm and youthful.

Achieve and maintain great tummy tuck results

While a pregnancy may cause some changes to your body after cosmetic surgery, there are many ways to maintain your preferred body shape. At Plastic Surgery Vegas, Dr. Terrence "Terry" Higgins and Dr. Andrew G. Silver are dedicated to helping women look and feel their best. Call now for a consultation and find out why so many people in Las Vegas, NV, trust our surgeons for their body contouring needs.

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