When Is The Best Time To Get A Breast Revision?

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Breast augmentation surgery remains one of the most popular and widely performed procedures across the country year after year, thanks in part to its ability to dramatically enhance a woman’s figure and boost her self-esteem. While the vast majority of breast augmentation cases are successful and provide long-lasting and satisfying results, some women experience complications or a change in their body or preferences that can lead to the need for seeking breast revision surgery. To help women get the look and feel they desire, trusted revisionary breast surgeon Dr. Michael C. Edwards and the award-winning team at Plastic Surgery Vegas are proud to offer advanced breast implant revision in Las Vegas, NV. Read on to learn more about breast revision surgery, including how it works, what results may be possible for you, and when may be the ideal time to schedule your procedure.


Who needs a breast revision?

While virtually any woman who is unhappy with her breast implants can likely benefit from breast revision surgery, the procedure is most popular among patients who have experienced one or more of the following:


  • Capsular contracture (firmness of the breast(s))
  • Breast implant rupture (saline or silicone)
  • Bottoming out
  • Breast implant displacement
  • Asymmetry in shape, position or volume
  • Symmastia (breasts too close together)
  • Implant rippling (thin or stretched coverage)
  • Botched breast augmentation or revision (poor outcome)
  • Change in natural breasts (size, sagginess)
  • Change in personal preference for size, shape, or type of breast implants

During your initial 1 hour unhurried consultation for breast implant revision in Las Vegas, NV, Dr. Edwards will review your history, carefully examine your breasts to include specific measurements and photographs which are viewed using  TouchMD which allows Dr. Edwards to draw on your photos to clarify areas of concern to be addressed. This system is HIPAA compliant and allows you access after your appointment to your photographs as well as other before and after images of Dr. Edwards patients. Next, there will be a discussion of your specific concerns reviewing your personal goals, and then to determine what breast revision surgery is best for you. You are encouraged to come to your consultation with questions you have written down in an effort to make sure you get the most from your consultation and have all of your questions and concerns addressed.


How long after a breast augmentation can I get a revision?

The final results of breast augmentation with implants can take up to several months or longer to become apparent. As post-operative swelling resolves, the tissues heal, and the implants settle into their final position, patients will begin to notice a much softer, lower, and more natural look. For women who are fully healed and recovered after breast augmentation surgery but still are not happy with their results, or for those women who experience a breast augmentation complication at any point after their initial surgery, it may be appropriate to consider a breast implant revision.

Generally speaking, women should wait a minimum of 6 – 12 months after their initial breast implant placement before undergoing a revision procedure. This allows the body plenty of time to heal and recover from the initial surgery and ensures that the patient is making her decision based on the final results of that procedure.

Feel like the woman you want to be with breast implant revision surgery in Las Vegas, NV

If you are self-conscious about your breasts, have experienced a complication after your first breast augmentation or previous revision surgery, or simply want to change up your look for personal reasons, you should consider breast implant revision surgery in Las Vegas, NV at Plastic Surgery Vegas. To join the many women who have transformed their lives with breast revision surgery, call Plastic Surgery Vegas to schedule your private consultation with top Las Vegas breast revision surgeon Dr. Michael Edwards today.


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