What to Know About Mini Facelift Surgery

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Early signs of aging around the mouth and jawline can make you feel less than confident, but now there is hope. A mini facelift targets these areas without the risks associated with full facelift surgery.

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So, what is a mini facelift, and when should you consider this popular treatment? Call Plastic Surgery Vegas to schedule a consultation and learn more – we have the experience and expertise needed to provide exceptional results.

What is a mini facelift?

Your skin can start to show signs of aging for many reasons, including natural age, genetics, environmental damage, and even stress. Wrinkles are the most common problem and eventually turn into deep creases, sagging jowls, and downward-turned corners of the mouth. A mini facelift targets these areas so you can appear younger and more vibrant.

So, what is a mini facelift? This procedure involves small incisions placed around the ears and a gentle lifting of the underlying tissues. The goal is to create more youthful contours in the lower face while reshaping the mid-face and cheeks for a balanced appearance.

Why choose a mini facelift?

The primary benefit of a mini facelift is that it requires less invasive measures and a shorter recovery period compared to a full facelift. Results are also more subtle and natural-looking, meaning there is no need for a drastic “overhaul” of your appearance. No one should know you had the procedure done unless you choose to tell them.

When searching for the best mini facelift surgeon in Las Vegas, NV, trust the experienced professionals at Plastic Surgery Vegas. Dr. Silver or Dr. Higgins can conduct a consultation to determine the best possible course of action and ensure your needs are met.

What about mini facelift recovery?

Mini facelift recovery is generally short – a few weeks at most. Some swelling and puffiness are expected but can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications. A cool compress can also help with inflammation.

Try to avoid strenuous exercises until you have been cleared by a member of our team since the lifting and stretching of muscles can disrupt the healing process. Plastic Surgery Vegas provides ongoing care and support to ensure your recovery is quick and comfortable.

What do results look like after a mini facelift?

Though results are not as dramatic as a full facelift procedure, a mini lift still yields real, lasting improvements. After treatment, you should see a marked decrease in wrinkles around the mouth and jawline. You should also notice a more youthful complexion with improved contours that look natural for years to come.

Achieve your desired results with a mini facelift

There is no better time to book your consultation with one of the best mini facelift surgeons in Las Vegas, NV. Call Plastic Surgery Vegas to explore your options for surgery today. Dr. Andrew G. Silver and Dr. Terrence "Terry" Higgins are proud to provide comprehensive information and resources about mini facelift recovery and more.

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