What Can I Expect to Feel During Facelift Surgery?

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Undergoing facelift surgery can provide significant and rejuvenating results for your appearance. With advancements in facelift surgical techniques, patients can expect more refined and natural-looking results. At Plastic Surgery Vegas in Las Vegas, NV, Dr. Terrence "Terry" Higgins and Dr. Andrew G. Silver perform various types of facelifts to address different aging concerns and help patients achieve their aesthetic goals. This discussion provides insight into what you can expect to feel during facelift surgery and the types of facelifts available.

Full facelift surgery targets the signs of aging

A full facelift targets extensive facial aging, providing comprehensive rejuvenation from the forehead to the neck. During this procedure, you will be under general anesthesia, ensuring you feel no pain throughout the surgery. Patients may experience some pulling or pressure sensations as the surgeons tighten underlying tissues and remove excess skin. Dr. Higgins and Dr. Silver use advanced facelift surgical techniques to ensure minimal discomfort and optimal results. Recovery involves some swelling and bruising, which are managed with appropriate postoperative care.

Mid-facelift surgery: Focus on the cheeks and jawline

A mid-facelift, also known as a cheek lift, targets the hollow and sagging areas near the cheekbones and upper jaw, providing a lift to the middle region of the face. During the procedure, you will be under general anesthesia or sedation. Patients may feel some pressure or tightness as the surgeons reposition and tighten the underlying tissues. This technique is particularly effective for those looking to improve the appearance of the cheeks and jawline, including addressing jowls. Post-surgery, mild discomfort, and tightness are common as the area heals, but these symptoms are temporary and considered manageable. The mid-facelift significantly enhances facial contours, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

Lower facelift surgery: Rejuvenating the jawline and neck

A lower facelift targets the lower third of the face, focusing on the jawline and neck. This procedure may be perfect for individuals experiencing jowls or sagging skin in these areas. During the surgery, general anesthesia ensures you do not feel pain. Postoperative sensations may include tightness and swelling, but these are temporary and part of the natural healing process. The results of a lower facelift can dramatically redefine the jawline, providing a more youthful and sculpted appearance.

Mini facelift: Subtle yet effective enhancement

A mini facelift offers a less invasive option for those seeking subtle improvements. This procedure addresses early signs of aging with smaller incisions and shorter recovery times. Under local anesthesia with sedation, patients remain comfortable throughout the surgery. You might experience mild tightness and some swelling post-surgery, but these typically resolve quickly. The mini facelift is excellent for achieving a refreshed look with minimal downtime.

Expected results from facelift surgery

Facelift surgery results vary depending on the type of procedure performed. A full facelift provides the most dramatic and comprehensive rejuvenation, while a mid-facelift enhances the cheek and eye areas. A lower facelift addresses the jawline and neck effectively, and a mini facelift offers subtle improvements. Patients can expect smoother, tighter skin and a more youthful appearance regardless of type.

Experience the benefits of facelift surgery in Las Vegas, NV

Choosing to undergo facelift surgery is a significant decision, and understanding what to expect can help you feel more prepared. You are in capable hands with Dr. Terrence "Terry" Higgins, Dr. Andrew G. Silver, and their team at Plastic Surgery Vegas in Las Vegas, NV. Whether considering a full facelift, mid-facelift, lower facelift, or mini facelift, their extensive experience in plastic surgery techniques ensures you can achieve your aesthetic goals with minimal discomfort. If you're ready to rejuvenate your appearance, schedule a consultation with Plastic Surgery Vegas, where we can help you achieve a refreshed and youthful look.

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