Should You Get a Mini or Full Facelift?

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Facelift surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure that helps patients achieve a more youthful appearance. But how can you choose the best kind of facelift for you?

At Plastic Surgery Vegas, Dr. Terrence "Terry" Higgins and Dr. Andrew G. Silver offer mini and full facelifts in Las Vegas, NV. They assist patients in determining which is best for their specific aesthetic goals. Keep reading to find out the difference between a mini and full facelift and their benefits.

How is a mini facelift different from a full facelift?

A mini facelift is a less invasive version of a full facelift. It is also known as a "limited incision facelift." The procedure involves smaller incisions and focuses on a specific area of the face, such as the lower cheeks, mouth, jawline, and jowls. Mini facelifts are typically recommended for individuals with mild to moderate aging signs. They may also be a short-term corrective measure for patients who intend to have a full facelift in the future.

The forehead, cheeks, jowls, and neck are just a few parts of the face that are addressed by a full facelift. This procedure involves larger incisions and a more extensive recovery period compared to a mini facelift, but it can target multiple signs of aging and address more severe signs of aging, and the results can last much longer. Dr. Silver and Dr. Higgins can customize either type of facelift to your unique needs.

What are the benefits of each type of facelift?

Both a full and a mini facelift can make you look younger and rejuvenate your skin. One of the main benefits of a mini facelift is that it requires less downtime and recovery compared to a full facelift. This procedure typically takes 1 – 2 hours to complete and involves less scarring and swelling. A mini facelift helps address specific concerns, such as sagging skin or jowls, without the need for more extensive surgery.

Comparatively speaking, a full facelift yields more comprehensive results than a mini facelift. This procedure can help address a broader range of concerns, including sagging skin, deep wrinkles, and jowls. Additionally, a full facelift can provide longer-lasting results than a mini facelift.

Choosing between a mini and full facelift

Factors to consider when choosing between a mini or full facelift include age, skin elasticity, the extent of correction needed, and recovery time constraints.

For example, a full facelift is often necessary for older adults, while a mini facelift may suit those aged 30 – 40. Your skin's elasticity is also important to consider since the production of collagen and elastin decreases as we age, leading to more severe sagging and wrinkling that may require a full facelift to address. Skin elasticity can also vary depending on genetics, sun exposure, smoking, and weight changes.

A full facelift is typically recommended for individuals with significant skin laxity or sagging, as this procedure can address broader concerns. A mini facelift is usually recommended for individuals with mild to moderate signs of aging and limited skin laxity.

A mini facelift also requires less invasive procedures and a shorter recovery time. A full facelift usually involves an incision close to the hairline and down to the temples, which stops near the base of the ears so the underlying facial tissues and muscles can be gently pulled and tightened to produce a more lifted look. Depending on your unique needs, a full facelift may also involve an upper or lower blepharoplasty to address the eyes.

Get a mini or a full facelift in Las Vegas, NV

If you're considering facelift surgery in Las Vegas, NV, and are struggling to decide which procedure can address your needs, Dr. Terrence "Terry" Higgins and Dr. Andrew G. Silver are here to help.

Schedule a consultation at Plastic Surgery Vegas to discuss your aesthetic goals and learn more about which procedure is right for you.

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