Eye Drops You Need After Eyelid Surgery

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3 Types of Eye Drops You Need After Surgery

We recommend purchasing one from each category below. In general, a preservative-free product is always preferable. These will come in individual single-use packets and are higher priced. We have also listed a cost-effective alternative with acceptable preservatives to shop from. 

Night Time Eye Ointment 

Directions: To be placed in the eye at night for the first one to three days post-op. Ointments protect the eye during sleep but tend to blur vision. 

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  1. Genteal PM Ointment (preferred)      
  2. Systane Nighttime Ointment    
  3. Refresh PM Ointment   
  4. Tears Naturale PM Ointment  

Thick Eye Gel

Directions: After the first three days post-op, we recommend switching to a thick water-based gel. These gels do not blur vision as much as the ointments, but still gives eyes the much needed hydration.

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  1. Genteal Gel (preferred)
  2. Thera Tears Liquid Gel
  3. Refresh Liquigel

Artificial Eye Tears  

Directions: Eye  drops to be used as needed for moisture and comfort. 

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  1. Genteal Gel Drops Mild 
  2. Genteal Gel Moderate   
  3. Thera Tears Lubricant Eye Drops  
  4. Refresh Plus   
  5. Refresh Celluvisc   
  6. Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops  
  7. Blink Tears  
  8. Blink Gel Tears 
Post-Op Eye Drops You Need Aft

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