Breast Massage Techniques After Breast Augmentation

Breast Massage

Breast Implant Massage Las Vegas

Beginning with your second post-operative breast augmentation visit with Dr. Michael Edwards, Dr. Terry Higgins, or Dr, Andrew Silver, your breast massage regimen will be started (typically 1 week post-op) to aid in obtaining and maintaining a naturally soft breast. The softness of the breast after surgery is dependent on the pocket (also called the capsule), which heals around the implant, being slightly larger or looser than the implant. Our plastic surgeons recommend these breast implant massage exercises for their Las Vegas patients to foil the body’s natural healing process, which may contract the size of the pocket/capsule yielding a firm feeling breast.

IMPLANT ROLL (after you have been instructed in the office)

With your bra off, press your open palm against the breast directly under the nipple. The palm should be rolled up tightly against the chest wall causing the implant to rise upwards. This is not a pushing up move, the push is in. Repeat this on each breast for 10 repetitions 3 times a day holding for 10 seconds. It is not uncommon to hear the implant slide against the chest wall early on. Watch for the implant to slide up as in the middle photograph. The third photograph illustrates the downward displacement of the implant for 10 seconds which is equally as important. It helps to look in the mirror as you push both breasts in on your breast to make sure they are at the same level as when they were initially positioned. The downward massage can be diminished in frequency as the implant settles over the weeks after surgery.


This exercise is to allow further refinement in the medial and lateral (the sides) position of the implants. Your chest muscles (if your implants are under the muscle) do hold the implants back and this massage will encourage it to relax in an effort to be able to develop cleavage. The massage to the sides (far right hand photo) should be done carefully because we do not want your implant to displace too far to the side.

TOWEL ROLL EXERCISE (do this only if your surgeon instructs you to)

Dr. Edwards or Dr. Higgins may ask you to take a rolled bath towel, place it across the top or you breasts, and lay on a firm surface. This exercise may involve one or both breasts. If done properly you should feel pressure on the lower breasts but not severe discomfort. If you feel severe discomfort, re-position the towel higher on your breast to exert less pressure. Do this exercise only as long as Dr. Edwards or Dr. Higgins has instructed you to because there is a risk that you can cause the implant to slide down too far.

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