Plastic Surgery Vegas - Administrative Staff


Practice Administrator – Business Manager

PersonnelAndrea serves as our Practice Administrator at Plastic Surgery Vegas.  Having worked for the practice since 2004, Andrea has been a driving force behind the growth and success of the practice.  Andrea not only contributes to the day-to-day operations but plays an instrumental role in steering the practice towards continued growth and success.  Her visionary leadership ensures that PSV remains at the forefront of providing exceptional cosmetic services.  


Office Operations Supervisor

PersonnelSarah has truly grown up in this office. She started filing as a teenager and now leads our office operations. Sarah can be relied upon for her no-nonsense approach to daily tasks and her family-like treatment of our patients as she knows just about everyone by name!


Patient Experience Supervisor

PersonnelKelly is our Patient Experience Supervisor and Cosmetic Concierge at Plastic Surgery Vegas.  With an impressive 20-year tenure at PSV, Kelly brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role.  She serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking information about the various procedures and services offered at PSV.  Her extensive knowledge and familiarity with the cosmetic industry, make her an excellent guide and will ensure your visit is as smooth and comfortable as possible.  Her goal is to make you feel welcome, from the moment you step through the door. 


Administrative Supervisor

Alyssa is our Human Resource Specialist and Administrative Supervisor at Plastic Surgery Vegas.  Alyssa takes pride in her role at PSV, where she actively engages with patients and is an integral part of their cosmetic journey.  Having been in the cosmetic industry for over 15 years, Alyssa is committed to creating a positive environment for both staff and patients alike. Her dedication to providing exceptional support and ensuring smooth administrative operations contributes to the overall success of the practice. 


Administrative Coordinator

PersonnelPatti is a cornerstone of our outstanding front office team.  Ensuring every visitor has a pleasant experience, she goes above and beyond in her role.  Outside of the office, Patti enjoys staying active and spending quality time with her family, often found engaging in lively games of pickleball or creating cherished memories with her grandchildren.


Administrative Coordinator


With an extensive background in the Aesthetic Industry and Customer Service, Kristin is an invaluable resource for patients seeking information and guidance.  She is happy to share her personal experience with treatments and products, and understands firsthand, the concerns and needs of our patients.  Outside of work, Kristin enjoys traveling and snowboarding


Administrative Coordinator

PersonnelMisty, a proud Las Vegas native, brings over 20 years of combined experience in the medical and dental fields to our practice.  With a background in supporting high-risk pregnancy patients and their families, she understands the importance of a friendly and warm approach to patient care. Misty's dedication to excellence is evident in her thoroughness and determination to provide our patients with the best possible experience.

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