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Plastic Surgery Vegas in Las Vegas, NV is a world-class aesthetic practice that embodies excellence in cosmetic plastic surgery and nonsurgical procedures for the face, skin, and body. We serve men and women all across the Nevada desert and have helped countless patients achieve their cosmetic dream goals. Our talented team of board-certified plastic surgeons is dedicated and committed to providing each patient with an unparalleled, positive experience. Many of our clients have been a part of our aesthetic family for years and love the personable service they receive when they visit our practice. For this reason, many of our members have shared their stories online and we invite you to read their reviews in hopes that it helps you to learn more about us. We look forward to serving you!

Review from T.Z.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Jun 05, 2019

My review is updated  to 3 stars based on my current experience. Honestly I'm sorry to say that although Dr. Edwards was a 5 star surgeon at the beginning of my care that is no longer the case. 3 stars is extremely favorable given what I have experienced! I will explain. For the one year anniversary/ final appointment from my  breast explant surgery (this should be a joyous time btw)  I had a couple of questions for Dr.Edwards. Thinking "no biggie"  I would just call and see if he wanted me to do this or that-  as far as x rays or ultrasounds go before coming in. Thoughts- This would save time for both the doctor and myself. My final exam was put on hold and may never occur. ALL  because I had a couple of questions for Dr.Edwards. Next thing ya know I'm writing an updated review. I have NOT received a call back from Dr. Edwards after multiple attempts to reach him since March.   The once kind and receptive doctor somehow changed to a doctor who refused to make a simple call back!?! Thinking it was just a busy schedule or the off mood for that particular time, I patiently waited weeks in between calls. Hoping to receive a call at a later time,  I still received nothing from the doctor. I advised another worker of the situation. I explained my confusion as to why the doctor would be so different!?! Kelly the receptionist, although wonderful and sweet,  still left the question unanswered?! Multiple attempts to reach  Dr.Edwards through his nurse were combative and argumentative in nature. It was absolutely ridiculous! Explaining I wasn't up for arguments to his nurse, and telling her that I really just want a call from my doctor. "Please!" In another bizarre turn of events,  I then received a call from Sandra the office receptionist. A go between? It is sooooo weird! She tells me "You must come in if you want to talk to Dr.Edwards!"  Not understanding and more of the same attitude! " You can ONLY speak to him by coming in!"  Further stating  that he would be happy to see me. This may be fine and completely acceptable for him to do to a patient (refusing to call your patient back), however it is NOT what I would expect from a doctor that I paid for elective surgery from,  and a doctor that I once highly recommended! Period! Through the verbal gymnastics and being talked down to process, ALL while just trying to reach my doctor to ensure my final appointment went smoothly! I can no longer recommend  Dr. Edwards! That kind of inconsistent, bizarre and "Meh" service is NOT what anyone needs! Especially someone that is going through surgery and receiving aftercare.  Yeah,  "NO Thank you!" Note- 3 stars instead of a lower more deserved rating in an attempt to be fair was given ONLY because my thoughts were,   "maybe, just maybe"  the doctor is unaware of these events between myself and the staff. Doubtful, but noted. Laughable is his response to Yelp instead of contacting me- his patient, directly! Certainly  not what I paid for. Unprofessional in my opinion. More

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